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Cookie and Milk(puzzle)

Developer: BigStart

With Yuna who jumped into the Animation book Puzzle Collaboration Set Cookie and Milk Launched!Experience the freshness in three different matching puzzles that are familiar with us!Various Regions and Fantastic Mission!Try it now~
[Game Characteristics]
● Various new conceptual Missions!
When you blend the Milk, Mission Clear~There are unique missions that you have not seen before!
● Fun types of Blocks and Puzzles!
Spinning puzzle, Mirror Block, Arrow Block, Moving Puzzle!You can meet various puzzles in one game!
● Characters help you in the puzzles!
Characters provide huge help in solving puzzles!Lets collect these cute characters to solve all the puzzles!!
● Oops!! Here comes the Bad Guy!!
Various Boss in different themes appears!You need to earn the key of Cookie World from the Great Evil King, Dr. Origin!!
● Real-shot battle with your friends!
Heart is pounding for Real-shot battle I bet no one has seen such puzzle game before!!
Lets leave with Yuna to save Cookie Friends!Shall we? Lets Go~

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